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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are a new or existing member of our Flock, you probably have some questions. Browse through these FAQs to find answers to commonly asked questions about our Colors of English program. If you cannot find what you are looking for please email us at or click below to reach out.

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  • Is Colors of English a stand-alone curriculum?
    No, our materials are an effective supplementary tool to enhance in-class instruction and engage students in a fun and memorable way. It is a resource that can be implemented within the framework of any existing curriculum in school or at home. Writing, like reading, is an ongoing developmental process that takes years to perfect. We provide both students and teachers with the foundational structure and the metalinguistic tools to discuss how students can make effective choices by expressing themselves creatively.
  • What grades does the Colors of English serve?
    Our learning curriculum is oriented towards Kindergarten to 4th grade students. However, this curriculum is dynamic and flexible, and can be implemented in upper classrooms as well. Teachers have even found great success in using the Colors of English materials as ACT/SAT prep in a high school setting!
  • Why do students need to know the parts of speech?
    Knowing the parts of speech is essential for students! They serve as the foundation for effective writing and reading comprehension. When students understand the role that the parts of speech play within sentence patterns, they are equipped with the tools to make sense of the English language. They become better writers and readers, especially when transitioning from learning to read to reading to learn.
  • Can I use the Colors of English program for my students as a parent?
    Yes, the Colors of English provides materials for all learning settings, including at home! This program is an excellent way to keep students engaged over the summer, during the school year as a homeschooling program, or year round as an after-school supplement to in-class learning.
  • How does the Colors of English appeal to different learning styles?
    The Colors of English supports not only English grammar learning but also interpersonal learning and vocabulary development. Through our tactile offering of the word birds and in class materials, our visual offerings online and in-class, and our rhythmic and auditory activities outlined in the instructor’s guide, we appeal to a diverse set of learning needs. Check our research page to learn more.
  • How do I implement the online offering in the classroom?
    You can use the online offering as a supplement to the in-class instruction. Our online platform is a series of knowledge checks, quizzes, and writing assignments with reporting capabilities that are customizable to allow teachers to track progress and meet the needs of their students.
  • What kind of data does the online offering capture?
    Our online platform captures data at the individual and classroom level as students progress through the parts of speech. Some of these data points include the students' individual progress, scores, and passage rates, as well as the time and number of attempts it took them to complete each assignment. Additionally, we provide classwide data, such as passage rates and most missed questions, so that instructors can review topics in class as needed.
  • What kind of support does the Colors of English provide to instructors and users?
    We are here to tailor our program to your individual classroom needs. The Colors of English program comes with an easy-to-follow instructional guide, complete with lesson plans for every day of instruction and additional ideas to supplement their learning. We also offer targeted professional development programs to provide school-wide success.
  • Why do you only focus on birds in your primary program?
    Birds are everywhere and are not bound by geographic or political boundaries; they are a universal concept. Confining the scope of the program to a single subject helps students focus on structural and syntactical elements they need to develop strong foundational skills. Our Word Birds, and their unique personalities, help students break down often complicated concepts and allow them to process these concepts effectively. Not to mention, they are cute, cuddly, and huggable; the tactile nature of the birds and games further reinforce and solidify target learning goals.
  • Why is color coding important?
    Color coding is necessary because research indicates associating colors with concepts stimulates different neural pathways than learning in black and white alone. Switching colors also requires students to pause momentarily, helping them focus and solidify their thought process. By stimulating higher attention and involvement, color coding also helps students remember and retain the information.
  • How can you use these materials with other curriculum materials?
    For a more detailed explanation, please see our instructional guide. However, words are everywhere, and every word (and picture) provides an opportunity to talk about how language works. Students, even pre-readers, can use picture books or storybooks to discuss the rhetorical choices of authors and illustrators. For example, you can ask students to go on a noun-hunt or create charts that identify the emotional journey (states of being) of characters. The options are limitless, and we look forward to hearing how teachers and parents use our materials to engage with their own students.
  • What standards does the Colors of English work with?
    The Colors of English curriculum is designed to ensure students meet federal and state standards. For more information on our scope and sequence, visit the link here.
  • Can I purchase items from the Word Bird Box separately?
    Yes, we offer most elements contained in the Bird Box separately. The box is designed as a single teacher resource or home set. We sell classroom sets of all of the workbooks (including the Mini-Sentence pattern books). We also sell sets of Word Birds with their nest. In addition to the contents of the Word Bird Box, we offer numerous online resources that can be accessed by our subscribers on demand. To purchase items separately or as a full program, please contact us.
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