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Building Great Sentences One Bird at a Time

A fun and engaging, science of reading aligned, language arts program which focuses on parts of speech and sentence structure to effectively provide a strong foundation for lifelong literacy.

Providing lifelong success
in reading and writing

The Colors of English is a research-based, unique and engaging standards-aligned supplemental ELA curriculum, focusing on sentence structure and syntax. In only 60-90 minutes a week, we teach students how the English language actually works, providing a clear and concise explanation of the parts of speech and how they fit within the framework of the English language sentence structures.

Benefits of Colors of English


A Science-Driven

Employ the science of reading--a scientifically proven method for language comprehension.


Increased Student

Use characters, illustrations, color-coding and multi-sensory materials to make it fun for the students.


Set Students Up
for Success

Develop the requisite language comprehension skills to set students up for success.


Improved Student Comprehension & Recall

Continuously build upon students' knowledge as they ascend through grade levels


Ease of Use by
Teachers & Students

Quick and easy implementation with hands-on training provided by Colors of English.


A Unique Language Arts Program

Bridging the gap between “learning to read” to “reading to learn.”

“I wish all of my programs were like this. It’s easy to use, and the kids are excited to use it.”

Cynthia - 1st Grade Teacher

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