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Our Program

Using explicit and systematic instruction, our program incorporates multimodal learning. Through our Word Bird characters, stories, and color-coded sentence structures, students are taught the intricacies of language within a variety of educational activities. It is fun, engaging, and remarkably effective. It is a resource that can be implemented within the framework of any existing core ELA curriculum. 


Literacy is a fundamental skill, and it extends beyond the mere act of reading words. At The Colors of English, we provide tools to help students understand how words work within the structure of sentences, helping them become better readers and writers. When students understand and master the role that the parts of speech play within sentence structure, they are able to make sense of the English language and become more successful in all content areas. We believe even the youngest students must begin their language comprehension journey as soon as, or even before, they start to read, giving them an edge when transitioning from learning to read to reading to learn.

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We see tremendous growth in student outcomes on our diagnostic testing. We offer a pre-program diagnostic and a post-diagnostic, as well as unit assessments so teachers can monitor and gauge improvement.


Norm the


Vern the


Ajax the 


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Addie the


Pepe the


Patty the


Coco the


Ishmael the


Curriculum Overview

Student Workbooks.PNG

Taking Flight 1 & 2

Best for Grades K-3

Suggested Implementation

  • 5 times per week, about 15-20 minutes each lesson.

  • Each lesson consists of a short teacher-led lesson, a student workbook activity, and suggested class or small group activities

Classroom Materials

  • Student workbooks

  • Scripted Instructors' guide

  • Tactile materials, including our 8 stuffed Word Birds, classroom posters, and more

  • Instructor online resource center, which includes detailed lesson plans, assessments, and reinforcement activities


Word Bird Basics

Best for Grades 4+

Suggested Implementation

  • 2-3 times per week, about 20-30 minutes each lesson.

  • Each lesson consists of a video lesson, with knowledge checks and optional exit tickets, writing assignments, quizzes, and tests.

Classroom Materials

  • Student workbooks

  • Instructors' guide

  • Tactile materials, including our 8 stuffed Word Birds, classroom posters, and more

  • Online platform allows for students to log in and work at their own pace, in or out of the classroom

  • Online resource center, which includes detailed lesson plans, reinforcement activities, as well as a student engagement tracker and progress reports

Our materials qualify for traditional state and local funding options, as well as for COVID learning loss funding.

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Professional Development & Support

Colors of English offers tailored professional development options designed specifically for teachers. Our program offers a comprehensive approach to enhancing instructional practices. 

As students ascend through grade levels, we'll remain on as your partner through continuous professional development and training, as often--or as little--as you need us.

Backed by Research

The research supporting an effective ELA curriculum emphasizes the importance of integrating language comprehension within the broader context of reading and writing. Studies suggest that explicit and systematic grammar instruction can enhance students' language proficiency and writing skills, leading to improved reading comprehension, sentence structure, and overall communication abilities.


By providing focused grammar instruction alongside meaningful language experiences, students can develop a deeper understanding and application of grammatical concepts in their written and spoken language.

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