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Professional Development

The Colors of English program offers a comprehensive approach to enhancing instructional practices. We tailor professional development options designed specifically for your school. Through onboarding, personalized coaching, and collaborative opportunities, educators can deepen their knowledge of effective teaching strategies and foster a vibrant learning environment for their students.


Offered in-person or virtually, we will equip teachers, before the program begins, with the necessary tools, resources, and support to seamlessly integrate the curriculum into their classrooms and effectively deliver engaging Colors of English instruction.

Session length - Typically 4 hours

Group Sessions

Offered in-person or virtually, our group sessions foster a collaborative and supportive environment where educators can engage in ongoing learning, share best practices, and refine their instructional strategies to continuously improve student outcomes.

Session length - Typically 2 hours

One-on-One Coaching

Offered in person or virtually, we provide individualized support, empowering teachers to receive personalized guidance, feedback, and mentoring to enhance their instructional practices, strengthen their pedagogical skills, and optimize student learning experiences.

Session length - Typically 30 minutes

Our materials qualify for traditional state and local funding options, as well as for COVID learning loss funding.

Interested in learning more?

2nd Grade Teacher

"The PD was great. The activities were engaging and helped me better understand the concepts I was teaching."

1st Grade Teacher

"Being able to have hands on practice allows me to help my students be more successful in their learning."

4th Grade Teacher

"The one-on-one coaching is very helpful, it gave me specific activities to review concepts with my class."
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