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The Colors of English is currently looking to enroll 1st-2nd grade student classrooms in our Fall 2023 pilot program. Our research backed approach will get your students engaged and excited on their reading and writing journey.


What is Colors of English?

The Colors of English is a research-based, unique and engaging standards-aligned supplemental ELA curriculum, focusing on sentence structure and syntax. In only 60-90 minutes a week, we teach students how the English language actually works, providing a clear and concise explanation of the parts of speech and how they fit within the framework of the English language sentence structures.

What is our Pilot Program?

Our Pilot Program offers your school a comprehensive package that includes a full year of access to The Colors of English curriculum, along with personalized onboarding and continuous support. By participating in the program, your school will be responsible for implementing the curriculum, providing valuable feedback, and considering enrollment in additional grade levels if specific metrics are achieved. This collaborative approach ensures a successful integration of the program within your school's educational framework, allowing us to tailor the experience to meet your specific needs.


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We see tremendous growth in student outcomes on our diagnostic testing. We offer a pre-program diagnostic and a post-diagnostic, as well as unit assessments so teachers can monitor and gauge improvement.

Join our Pilot Program

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